Besdong Vong Veng Sneh 2020 - Love Thy Woman [EP.01]

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Episode 1
Type TV
Status Ongoing
Description: Besdong Vong Veng Sneh 2020 - Love Thy Woman [EP.01]
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Love Thy Woman tells the story of how the Filipino-Chinese Wong family's lives become intertwined with the Liangs and the Estrellas through scandals, rivalry, and romance. The teleserye begins with Dana Wong (Yam Conception), the manipulative spoilt brat daughter of Atty. Adam Wong, getting married to David Chao( Xian Lim), but after the wedding they get into an accident that leaves David injured and Dana comatose. During David's time in the hospital, he's assisted in taking care of Dana by her bubbly, strong-headed stepsister Jia Wong (Kim Chiu)--who develops feelings for her brother-in-law. Dana discovers the secret somehow and develops strong hatred toward her sister. As if their fighting wasn't enough, both mothers--Kai Estrella (Sunshine Cruz), Adam Wong's second wife, and Lucy Wong (Eula Valdez), his first-- battle heatedly for Adam's love. The situation becomes even more complicated when the mistress of Amanda Del Mundo (Ruffa Gutierrez), who is also Lucy Wong's prodigy, brings scandal when she introduces her son and identifies his father. Which sister will David choose, and what will happen when his mother Helen Chao (Zsa Zsa Padilla) finally shows up?

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Episode Besdong Vong Veng Sneh 2020 - Love Thy Woman [EP.01]

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