Keov Pnek Mekhea 2015 - Eye in the Sky [EP.40End]

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Type TV
Status Completed
Description: Keov Pnek Mekhea 2015 - Eye in the Sky [EP.40End]
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A case of mistaken identity lands CID investigator Szeto Shun as the number one suspect in an arson case. The confusion occurs after surveillance cameras capture a criminal that looks remarkably similar to him committing the crime. He’s finally cleared of the charges and even though he’s no longer considered as the felon in the case, his co-workers still have their doubts. Szeto remains steadfast in proving his innocence and to ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is innocent, he quits the force. He eventually takes a job as the head of security at the posh Y Suite Hotel. Despite his new position, he stays committed to finding the culprit behind the arson and he decides to solve the case himself. He enlists the help of a former CID detective Scarlett Wong, who becomes a key alley in proving Szeto’s innocence. After seeing Szeto disarm a gun-toting maniac, a small town private investigator Jan Ng immediately falls in love with him. A man that looks exactly like Szeto shows up to her father’s office that same day and the man wanting to stay in her good graces decides to go along with the mistaken identity. They spend a night together only to never speak again. Around 18 months later, Jan runs into the real Szeto and realizes that the man she met was not Szeto, and also could be the culprit behind the arson. Szeto and Jan form a bond and decide to look for the mysterious man together.

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Episode Keov Pnek Mekhea 2015 - Eye in the Sky [EP.40End]

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