Preah Ros Chi Kong Songkrous Monus Lok 2001 - Chai Matser [EP.05-10]

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Description: Preah Ros Chi Kong Songkrous Monus Lok 2001 - Chai Matser [EP.05-10]
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It is said that in the Song Dynasty, the country was not safe in the north, and was chased and killed by the Jin people. At that time, people were extremely disturbed, and they didn't know when the Jin people would cross to the south. Because of the collusion between officials and businessmen, they held a very short-sighted attitude, searched endlessly, and ignored the suffering of the people, so there was an atmosphere of extreme injustice among the people. At this time, a strange monk called Ji Dian appeared among the people. But in fact, his heart is not insane at all, his wisdom is not crazy at all, he is not greedy for money, he is not greedy, he does not talk about God, and he does not blame monsters. Solve problems, give advice to injustices everywhere, and solve injustices for others. But Jigong also has incompetence, which is the problem of love. Because Jigong has never experienced it, he has no idea what the relationship between a man and a woman is. In order to experience and experience the "magic power of love", Jigong even thought about breaking through the love barrier, but it turned out to be extremely painful.

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Episode Preah Ros Chi Kong Songkrous Monus Lok 2001 - Chai Matser [EP.05-10]

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