Lbech Sneh Bonchoat Chit 2021 - Ley Luang [EP.38End]

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Description: Lbech Sneh Bonchoat Chit 2021 - Ley Luang [EP.38End]
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Title: ល្បិចស្នេហ៍បញ្ឆោតចិត្ត, Life Coach, เล่ห์ลวง
ilada is a sweet-hardworking woman; who runs an online clothing sales page with her friend Sushi. Ailada lives together with her boyfriend, Fin, A salesman whose parents passed away when he was a child. The couple has financial problems, and Ailada is the sole contributor to paying the rent for the house and the utility bills. One day while working, Fin runs into one of his friends that suggests to him a company that can make him so-called “rich” and makes money easily. Fin tells Alida about the offer but she finds the whole situation sketchy and rejects the proposition. Frustrated by Alida response and his inferiority complex of not being able to provide, Fin gets into an argument with her. While being overwhelmed with stress, Ailada goes to Facebook and comes across Venus; a public figure that can supposedly help people with wealth and happiness, by giving advice to others and holding classes. Ailada then starts to think about the goals she wants to set and reach in the future. The next morning, desperate Ailada goes to meet Venus for help. Will Ailada get the desired advice she’s always been wanting to hear? Will Ailada get to finally do the things that make her happy while living a stable life?

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Episode Lbech Sneh Bonchoat Chit 2021 - Ley Luang [EP.38End]

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