Pdam Sneh Tam Kjol 2012 - Rak Ork Akard [EP.28End]

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Description: Pdam Sneh Tam Kjol 2012 - Rak Ork Akard [EP.28End]
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Title: ផ្ដាំស្នេហ៍តាមខ្យល់, รักออกอากาศ, Love on Air
Jai is a country sort of girl who is pretty bold while Jaokhun is a stuck up rich city guy. He is very shy and can’t stand being the center of attention because of a past experience and is still ridiculed by Matt for it. Jai is delivering something to the city and runs into Jaokhun, where they didn’t get off to a good start when Jaokhun almost kills her with his car making her drop her last piece of pork. His girlfriend, Amy, is also cheating on him with his rival, Matt. Jai still isn’t over her ex boyfriend, Goh, and keeps thinking about him. For his friend’s reality show, they want Jaokhun to go undercover and go to the country, however, they know he wouldn’t agree to it so Matt made a bet with Jaokhun, if Jaokhun can live in the country side for a month, he will do prostrate bow at Jaokhun’s feet & will stop making fun of Jaokhun, but if Jaokhun cannot live in the countryside, Jaokhun was to give Matt a prostrate bow at his feet. Determined to stop Matt’s bullying, Jaokhun lied to his mom that he wants to go to England to continue learning, but he’s actually going for his friends Kong & King’s reality show. Now, a spoiled rich boy has to live in the country for a month without even knowing that he’s on national television.

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Episode Pdam Sneh Tam Kjol 2012 - Rak Ork Akard [EP.28End]

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