Chon Deur Than Sour 2012 - The Last Steep Ascent [EP.]

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Description: Chon Deur Than Sour 2012 - The Last Steep Ascent [EP.]
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Title: ជណ្ដើរឋានសួគ៌, Ladder to Heaven , Heaven's Ladder , Stairway to Heaven , Ladder of Love The Last Steep Aliment, 天梯
As a child, MIU TIN (Moses Chan) encountered a bride KO SAN YUET (Maggie Cheung), who was getting married at the time. Since then, he never forgotten her. Twenty years later, the two coincidentally meet again. TIN is a Chinese herb grower, while YUET is the wife of HO SAI CHEUNG (KK Cheung), the boss of the medicine wholesale business. Soon after, YUET discovers her husband had a profound affair with his maid TIN OI TAI (Aimee Chan) and the two even established a love nest in Fushan. In order to maintain the family's reputation, YUET held it all in until CHEUNG's death. Later, TAI is pregnant and YUET, thinking her husband is the father of the baby, takes TAI home and took care of her as if she was her younger sister. The only person that knew of the inside story was TIN's good friend CHENG KIU (Kenny Wong)..

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Episode Chon Deur Than Sour 2012 - The Last Steep Ascent [EP.]

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