Krousar Rik Reay 2011 - Wax and Wane [EP.30End]

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Description: Krousar Rik Reay 2011 - Wax and Wane [EP.30End]
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Title: គ្រួសាររីករាយ, 團圓, Reunion
Yung Shing Fun and his cousin Man Wing Cheong have been at odds for years, over the trade name rights of their family's noodle shop. Eugene, Fun's eldest son engages in a property development project in order to solve the problem. Unwillingly, he offers to buy out the location of Cheong's noodle shop with his company's shares. He also invites Cheong and his son, Fung, to join the company's management. Eugene actually has ulterior motives for doing this, as he hates Fung to the core for marrying his girlfriend Ko Wai Ting. On top of this, Eugene's younger brother, Gary, is going out with Cheong's second daughter, Peace, regardless of his family's opposition. Now, Eugene is at his wits' end as he has to handle his family issues single-handedly. He never understood what family ties really meant, nor had he the courage to try to find it out, until now.

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Episode Krousar Rik Reay 2011 - Wax and Wane [EP.30End]

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