Omnach Mon Ksae Kor Neak Reach 2023 - Soi Nakhee [EP.41End]

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Description: Omnach Mon Ksae Kor Neak Reach 2023 - Soi Nakhee [EP.41End]
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Title: អំណាចមន្តខ្សែកនាគរាជ, สร้อยนาคี, Nakhee's Necklace , Soi Nakee
Angkab, a daughter of a jewelry tycoon, was in love with Jed but he in turn decided to marry a distant cousin named Ganda. She went to destroy the marriage ceremony by releasing snakes into the ceremony. A relative was bitten by the snake instead. On the way home, Angkab got into an accident and her spirit went to where Nakhee lives. Nakhee decided to possess the body of Angkab because she had the same history as hers, betrayed by love. Nakhee's mission is to wreak havoc in the human world in the name of vengeance. When vengeance rules the heart, Nakhee looks for a weapon to use in destroying her enemy. She found akeenaka but her enemy has a stronger weapon and that is love, a love that she's been seeking and waiting eternity for.

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Episode Omnach Mon Ksae Kor Neak Reach 2023 - Soi Nakhee [EP.41End]

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