Than Sour Naiy Sneh 2015 - Dung Sawan Sarb [EP.36End]

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Description: Than Sour Naiy Sneh 2015 - Dung Sawan Sarb [EP.36End]
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Title: ឋានសួគ៌នៃស្នេហ៍, ดั่งสวรรค์สาป, Like Heaven's curse , Like Heaven’s Choice
Dawan is the only daughter of a rich businessman and is completely spoiled. She is a famous playgirl, who likes to go out with different men. Her hobby is trying to get attention from men, especially the ones with girlfriends. Before her father died, he makes a conditional will. Dawan must marry Karn, his best friend's son. Otherwise, she will not get any inheritance. So Dawan and Kan get engaged. Two years passed by and Dawan still didn't change. Later, She gets into a car accident. After the accident, she losses her memory. Dawan becomes a very nice girl. However, because of her rotten past, most people hate her, and they try to take advantage of her.

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Episode Than Sour Naiy Sneh 2015 - Dung Sawan Sarb [EP.36End]

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