Apear Piphea Bomnoul 2007 - Rahut Rissaya [EP.30End]

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Description: Apear Piphea Bomnoul 2007 - Rahut Rissaya [EP.30End]
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Title: អាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍បំណុល, รหัสริษยา, The Envy Code
After her parents’ deaths, Palai decided to find evidence that her parents’ deaths were not accidental, but actually murder. She not only lost her parents, but she lost her house, her company and her money to her aunt, who claimed that she got everything legally from Palai’s parents. Palai wanted to find any proof that her aunt and Siwa’s father were the ones who took everything from her. Palai threatened Siwa that she was going to send all the information on her website about his dad’s corruption to the reporters if he doesn’t marry her. If he marries her, she will give him the password to the website. However, there wasn’t any information on the said site. She was buying time to get information about Siwa’s dad and her aunt by living in Siwa’s house.

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Episode Apear Piphea Bomnoul 2007 - Rahut Rissaya [EP.30End]

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