Kuch Neak Pleung 2018 - Kai Mook Mungkorn Fire [EP.54End]

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Description: Kuch Neak Pleung 2018 - Kai Mook Mungkorn Fire [EP.54End]
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Title: គុជនាគភ្លើង, ไข่มุกมังกรไฟ, Kai Mook Mungkorn Fai
Ray is the adopted child of Alan, a drug dealer. He has to take over the drug business after his father was brought down by Lang. Both of them must fight with each other for stealing customer and business. Danthai, a great policeman of Crime Suppression Division, disguised himself to live in Ray's group because he needs to catch the leader. While the battle has been proceeding, there is another one who is like a pure pearl, that is Janenate or Jin Li Ju who is non-blood sister of Ray. She was protected by Ray the whole time. He doesn't let her to be in the illegal business but Ming Ter supports her to be the leader for protecting of group benefit.

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Episode Kuch Neak Pleung 2018 - Kai Mook Mungkorn Fire [EP.54End]

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