Lbech Sneh Kromom Kon Kat 2010 - Mam Jah [EP.32End]

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Description: Lbech Sneh Kromom Kon Kat 2010 - Mam Jah [EP.32End]
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Title: ល្បិចស្នេហ៍ក្រមុំកូនកាត់,
Mam, the dashing girl of the group, is about to go to a party to celebrate. Graduated with a bachelor's degree with a friend, Pupae, Sia Chanat's daughter. famous cafe owner Mam and her friends help Catherine Colleen, a foreign woman is being chased by Kamkhaeng's subordinates, an influential café owner, Sia Chanut's rival cafe. that it is very important before she falls into the water Without knowing the importance of the bag and not knowing who pursued Catherine. Ma'am went home with a bag. Taro, my dear friend Mam's real aunt Aunt Phuak orders Mam to throw the bag away for fear of an explosion. Police Lieutenant Sarayut is assigned to investigate a large drug cartel. So he disguises himself as a tourist and enters Kamphaeng's cafe. Mam and friends visit the cafe Even Pupae invites her to go to her father's cafe. but madam refused with the hope that he might meet Monta or Putson, Kamhaeng's mistress Because earlier, Monta was Mam's mother who was dragged away from Mam when she was still a baby. Mam's British father Smith was killed that day. It's good that he managed to save Mam in time and took him to stay with Aunt Taro. Pudsorn understands that Mam has passed away. But madam must be disappointed. Confined to the house, piled up in the house, not allowing them to go out. Kamhang knew all along that Pudsorn kept the gun. Evidence that he killed Smith But Gardenia refused to tell where it was. Kamhaeng has been in love with gardenias for a long time. But Pudsorn had a heart for Smith to the point of getting married. Kamhaeng then turned to flirt with Sri. The charming young widow Kamhaeng had two children with Chomsri: Kamjorn and Chomchai.

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Episode Lbech Sneh Kromom Kon Kat 2010 - Mam Jah [EP.32End]

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