Trolob Tov Vaiy 20 Chnam 2018 - Twenties Once Again [EP.26End]

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Description: Trolob Tov Vaiy 20 Chnam 2018 - Twenties Once Again [EP.26End]
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Title: ត្រឡប់ទៅវ័យ២០ឆ្នាំ, 重返20岁, 重返二十岁 , Miss Granny , 20 Once Again ,
A story about rekindling the romance as an old married couple find themselves in their twenties once more and the hilarious hijinks that arise from adjusting to life as young people. Shen Meng Jun has too many problems to bear. Her son has failed in his own ventures and begs for her help in paying off his debts. She needs money to pay for a house as her daughter's about to get married but she gets scammed and has to borrow from an old friend at the expense of being humiliated. Meanwhile, her do-gooder husband Xiang Da Hai continues to lend money to others because he doesn't know how to turn anyone away. They have a huge fight and Shen Meng Jun swallows half a bottle of sleeping pills in a fit of anger. Surprisingly, she becomes twenty year old once again. This time around, Shen Meng Jun is determined to live for herself. However, her husband discovers her secret and downs the remaining half of the sleeping pills. He wakes up as a young handsome man and becomes Meng Jun's competitor on the stage.

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Episode Trolob Tov Vaiy 20 Chnam 2018 - Twenties Once Again [EP.26End]

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